from Graham to Fountain is 121 miles

Had (Hopalong Cassady) guns, traveled (many miles since this Melville Street porch in Graham), now retired in Fountain

Grew up in Graham. Earned AB in journalism/English from UNC-CH and MFA from UNC-Greensboro. Worked in public relations and retail before embarking on 38-year career as educator, in Louisiana and North Carolina. Retired from public work, living in Fountain, with wife, Elizabeth. Our son, Silas, is a senior at AppState.

More details–too many, perhaps–in these timelines, which are on-going personal projects made public on a webpage because some of the annotations to my private history, like those to a more public life, may amplify contexts I’ve wandered into and through. A webpage also makes it a lot easier to organize the timeline and to add narratives to it, and living through the COVID summer of 2020 has provided ample time for this kind of activity, as I’ve been unboxing the accumulations of a life of being reluctant to contribute to landfills.

William Boyd had retired as Hopalong Cassidy when he became spokesperson for Producers Dairy in 1956. Photo from Producers Dairy webpage.

I’m still searching for the 8×10 photo of me pulling those Hoppy guns on Hoppy himself, who’s mainly got eyes for Miss North Carolina in the photo, which was made after the Burlington Christmas Parade, 1956. Hopalong Cassidy was a spokesperson for Melville Dairies (and others), for which my dad worked, in Burlington. We kids earned points towards our Hoppy gear by collecting the coin-like cardboard inserts that helped seal our glass bottles of milk, home-delivered, of course–and we drank a lot of milk.