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Weather Forecasts for: Weather Radar: Satellite Images:
Fountain Inn, South Carolina
Fountain, Alabama
Fountain Valley, California
Fountain, Colorado
Fountain Hills, Arizona
Fountain, Texas
Fountainbleau, Florida
Fountain Creek, Illinois
Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania
Fountain, Illinois
Fountain, Utah
Fuente Verde, Costa Rica
La Fuente, Puerto Rico
Fontana, Italy
Fountains Abbey, United Kingdom
Brunnen, Germany
Graham, North Carolina
Topsail Beach
Washington, DC
New Orleans

San Francisco
Lake Tahoe, California
Atlanta, Georgia
New York, New York
Prague, Czech Republic

Raleigh (loop)
Morehead City (loop)
Wilmington (loop)
Wakefield, VA (loop)
Southeastern U.S. (loop)
National (loop)

regional visible (loop)
national visible (loop)
regional infrared (loop)
national infrared (loop)
national water vapor (loop)

Forecasts Nationwide (clickable map)

Today's National Forecast Map

Storm Prediction Center

National Hurricane Center

Raleigh & Morehead City forecast discussions.

Hourly reported conditions around NC

Hydrometeorological Products:
text and graphics

These readings from our rooftop weather station update once every five minutes. Hit refresh for the latest.

Strip charts of historical data: past 24 hours | past month | past year

Text spreadsheets of historical data: this month | last month | year to date

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