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"2010 has been a banner year for dead mules," the Oxford American recently reported, "and with only a few more months to go, it's shaping up to be the best year for dead mules ever."

So here's to two of the most memorable dead mules in modern American literature: Kate, "small, willing at touch of straw to run a wagon harder than you meant," and to Silver, "O loved beast, dead & gone, not to be lost from mind & song."

Photos of Archie Ammons courtesy of
Vida Cox Ammons and the
Southern Historical Collection,
Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Archie Ammons

East Carolina University's Special Collections at Joyner Library has original Ammons art and manuscripts -- including the complete tape from which "I Was Born In" is excerpted.

more Ammons art

Hear Archie read some of his poems

North Carolina Literary Review, for which Archie was staff poet, 1991-96

Single Threads Unbraided: A Celebration of the Work of A.R. Ammons,
upcoming Nov 15-16, 2010, at Wake Forest University

Illustrations by Joan Mansfield
from The Mule Poems